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Three Arbor | INS 101: directors and officers coverage

Duties of Loyalty, Obedience and Due Care   D&O stands for directors and officers, this policy exists to cover the financial…
February 22, 2024

Three Arbor | INS 101: definition of an independent agency

DISCLAIMER: This article is very vague and watered down for basic knowledge, this is not (yet) one of the Ten…
January 31, 2024

Three Arbor | The crucial role of cyber insurance   Ian does a great job highlighting what we do to safeguard our client's data. We have privacy agreements,…
January 15, 2024
Three Arbor-What kind of insurance coverage do I need blog-are you covered written in sand

Three Arbor | What kind of insurance coverage do I need? Insurance coverage is not a cookie cutter situation. One size does not fit all. Your needs are as unique…
September 22, 2023
Do I need cyber insurance blog man in suit holding cupped hand out with the words cyber insurance floating above it

Three Arbor | Do I need cyber insurance?   Since technology is always rapidly changing, data security should be a concern for individuals and business organizations alike.…
September 8, 2023
Three Arbor | Cyber Security Case Study - Cyber Security graphic with a key, laptop, lock, phone and computer floating around the text

Three Arbor | Cyber Security Case Study

This summer, we were given the opportunity to work on all policies for a local contractor here in Birmingham, AL.…
September 6, 2023
Business InsuranceInsurance

Restaurant Chain Case Study

When dealing with multiple business locations and intricate insurance policies, insurance renewal can be stressful. In the spring, we took…
August 21, 2023
Business InsuranceInsurance

Three Arbor | What should I require from sub contractors?

Many businesses in the construction field often find themselves subcontracting work to fulfill labor requirements or other tasks. While subcontracting…
June 30, 2023