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Real Estate Investor Coverage


Getting the right coverage can protect the financial gains of real estate investing.


Working closely with you, we find coverages that protect those gains.


Investments ideally aren't stressful, yet they can be. Finding the right coverage shouldn't add to that stress.

Common Coverage

What policies might be in the Real Estate Investor coverage?


General Liability

Like most other insurance policies, political/non-profit insurance will include general liability coverage. General liability is the catch all from property damage to personal injury of a third party.

Directors and Officers

D&O covers the repercussions of a breach of duty, misstatement or error that can lead to financial loss. Check out our blog for case studies and in depth explanation of Directors and Officers coverage.

Builders Risk

Designed to protect buildings and structures that are under construction or undergoing significant renovations. This insurance provides coverage for various risks and perils that can affect a construction project during the building phase.

Errors and Omissions

E&O coverage in real estate insurance shields professionals—agents, brokers, managers, and appraisers—from financial losses due to negligence, mistakes, or omissions in their services, offering protection against claims of professional errors.


Coverage that protects businesses and commercial property owners from financial losses related to damage or loss of physical assets. This coverage is designed to help businesses recover from the financial impact of property damage, whether due to natural disasters, accidents, theft, or other covered perils.

Secure your investments with our tailored real estate investor coverage, safeguarding your properties from unforeseen damages and liabilities.

Unique Risk

Each company is exposed to different risks, even if two companies are in the same industry. Things like size, location and operations all effect the risks you may face.

Custom Coverage

Unique risks require unique coverage. Three Arbor observes, analyzes and executes to find our clients the best customized insurance plan to fit their needs and desires.

Personalized insurance solutions.

Friendly, knowledgeable service.

Building trusted relationships.

Trusted Relationships

We’re dedicated to building relationships with our employees, customers, and communities.

Timely Responses

We do our very best each day to respond quickly to all our customers to show that we truly do care.

Honest and Transparent

We maintain complete transparency with employees and customers about who we are and what we do.

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